January 3, 2022

Applications are open for middle and high school teachers to participate in the MUSICA (Modeling, Uplift, Seismology, and Igneous Geochemistry in the Colombian Andes) project.

Six teachers from Texas, Arizona, and Washington, D.C., will gather in Arizona in Summer 2022 to join the MUSICA project's scientific research team for a combined field geology program and workshop. Together the scientists and educators will compare Earth processes responsible for the Rocky Mountains and episodes of widespread, devastating volcanism in the western United States with similar processes occurring today at an active plate boundary zone in Colombia, South America.  

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The international MUSICA science team combines their expertise in seismology, geochemistry/geochronology, basin analysis, structure, tectonics, thermochronology, and geodynamics to study the unique tectonic setting of Colombia to gain a better understanding of how the Colombian Andes formed and continental evolution in general.

We hope to extend or parallel this program with teachers in Colombia as feasible given the ongoing COVID pandemic. Please stay tuned for updates.