MUSICA: Modeling, Uplift, Seismology, and Igneous geochemistry in the Colombian Andes

We are an international team of Earth scientists who seek to combine our respective research strengths in seismology, geochemistry/geochronology, basin analysis, structure, tectonics, thermochronology, and geodynamics to study the unique tectonic setting present today in Colombia in order to gain a better understanding not only of the evolution of the Colombian continent, but continental evolution in general.

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geodynamic flow models


Geodynamic modeling of asthenospheric and lithospheric responses to changing slab geometry

flat slab geometry


Deployment of a 70 station seismic network to study the structure and seismicity of the Colombian flat slab and adjacent areas


Geochemistry and Geochronology

Geochronological constraints on changing slab geometries and geochemical effects of flat slab subduction

thermochron data

Uplift History

Sedimentary, structural, and thermochronological constraints on the uplift history of the Central and Eastern Cordilleras in Colombia